Greetings pilots,

if you want to fly to our airport LKNACH, you are certainly welcome. If you are arriving for the first time, please familiarize yourself with the local situation on the video here.

Some important information about LKNACH – Non-public airfield for Gliders and UltraLight airplanes, which is located in the northern edge of the ATZ of LKNM airport.

Radio – Náchod Radio – 130.560MHz, without radio, please always PPR.  Without PPR, do not expect English on the Radio. PPR Contacts: Mr. Miroslav Knapovsky – or call +420603200258.

Airport location50.4129711N, 16.1219114E (link to, in map – 3km west of Náchod, north of the village of Vysokov. Altitude 440m/1443feet.

Current situation – The live webcam on the sleeve is looking directly from the north. Real-time Weather/Wind/WebCamera information for mobile –

Runways – 13/31 630x25m and 09/27 320x22m, Runway 13 for take-off only, Runway 31 for landing only, as there is a forest just beyond the threshold of Runway 13. Circuits south at 2400feet. Taxiing report on the radio and perform only on runways.

Classic – Don’t fly over local villages unnecessarily, let alone low. However – we do not have noise restrictions, but good relations with neighbors are priceless. With a good gliding weather, expect gliders around & its towing.

Local conditions – Turbulence possible on the threshold of Runway 09 and in the middle of Runway 31, especially if blowing from the north and northeast. We’re always windy.

Others – Free Wifi, Verva100 gasoline by arrangement, coffee and non-alcoholic beer – if you meet a local pilot, too. We do have fees, but we don’t collect them. The hangar can be arranged, usually one place can be found. In the winter and spring months, a fence is stretched around the area and RWY can be waterlogged, so PPR is strongly suggested – contacts above.

VFR manual

LKNACH Situation schema (Stojánka = APRON; Modelářská plocha = next to RWY27 is RC flying surface).
Mentioned above, just repeating: RWY13 take-off only, RWY31 landing only, all RWY – circuits to the South at 2400 feet.